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I took this test 3 years back. A Petrosains colleague of mine asked me and I was so fascinated by it because it got everything right. Now, this test has resurfaced on Facebook and it is popular ever since Buzzfeed posted it. Go and try out the test. Here are my answers and tbh, it has not changed since I was first asked this.

The cube (ego) My answer: My cube is big and is made out of glass. It's just right above the ground, maybe like 5 inches above. Looks like it's floating on one of its corner. What does it mean? I have a big ego and am very open to people. I'm maybe grounded (?) because my cube's floating lol.

The ladder (friendships) My answer: The ladder is leaning on the cube. The ladder is made out of wood, some sturdy wood just in case I need to climb it. What does it mean? My friends can lean on me for support (yasss hehe) and I have a sturdy relationship with people (I like to think this way too but I don't think my bonds are strong).

The horse (relationsh…


It's been raining for close to 5 hours now in Brisbane and it's not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. I was woken up by sounds of slamming and banging, and things breaking. So I headed out to the living room with my roommate (woke my roommate up because I was scared of the dark and it was storming outside, which scared me more) to check if our things at the balcony are safe.
After that, I couldn't sleep anymore. I was having some really nasty thoughts in my head.
You see, it's June now (a.k.a. my favorite month of the year cuz you know *wink*) and I had two classmates back in school that had birthdays two days and a day before mine. So 6th, 7th and 8th of June will be like a triple birthday celebration for our class and our batch.
But the thing is, I felt betrayed with the girl who was born on the 6th of June. Why? She didn't like me and personally, I felt that she caused all the troubles I faced when I was in Form One.