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See how amazing a prism turns one light into a beautiful rainbow ?
Sometimes I wish that I'm the light and one day I would bump into a prism so that everyone can really see that I'm not just another girl, I can show my true colours. Maybe I had but the rainbow stayed for a little while before it disappear. But nonetheless, I will still keep on searching for that prism eagerly.
I remember how it feels like when no one cared about you and when you have no one to turn to. I remember exactly how it feels like being underestimated and when you really feel like giving up. Yes, I'm talking about 2008.
It sucked a lot, I can't even describe it in words. I remember how timid I felt in class and how much I wanted to get out from school because I hate seeing their faces everyday and I hate how good of an act they had put up. But then, it was my fault. I let them bring me down. I let myself believe that I am inferior. I allowed myself to believe that they were in any way, better …


Hello. My name is Alya Farhanah and I have deleted all of my previous posts for a reason.
I don't want to stick to the past anymore because they have done their part in making me who I am today. I want to start fresh with a new set of memories and experience (but still with the same struggles). Thank you so much for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Have a nice day ♥