hows life studying abroad? —Anonymous, via. Askfm

Hi there, anon! I would like to apologize for taking such a long time to answer your question. I thought that if I answered your question immediately, I wouldn't be able to give you a better description on how life is here. Plus, when you asked, I was only here for around 2-3 weeks and there was nothing much going on. However, since it has been a a year and 6 days, I think it would be the right time to explain how my life is.

It has been great! Lol no surprise there. I'll just break it down into sub-headings so it's easier for you to read.

  • Studies
My first semester went well. I scored in subjects that I did not expect I would score. I gave up on one subject because I just don't understand and I don't like it (it was a compulsory subject), but thank God I passed it. My studies went down hill last semester because of two reasons, bad time management and lost of interest to study. I thought I could do the same things I did two semesters ago (doing things last minute and can still score) but I overlooked the fact that I now have a responsibility. So, yes, I failed all 4 subjects and have to extend a semester. As a result of that, my CGPA suffered the worst, dropping from a 4.75 to a 3 something. But it's all good because I have time to prepare and research on what to do when you have to extend a semester (see officers, call sponsor, forms forms forms), and now I know that my time management sucks big time and I have to fix that. Currently, I am taking 3 subjects for this semester because I'm taking two summer courses later (tak balik Malaysia ahhh camni 😟). I need to ace this semester in order to get my CGPA to a 4.0.

  • Friends
2016 is the year where most of my friends will graduate and leave me alone in Australia. Some already went back in July and I have not cried so far. Okay okay maybe I did shed a few tears and was close to crying but I haven't properly cried like I lost someone. Sending someone back for good is painful because by the time you're back in Malaysia, we might be very busy and will never have the chance to meet and spend time together. This summer will be hard for me because the people that made my Summer 2015/2016 are graduating (I'm already tearing up thinking about this). And then I'll have to endure another year without them and I might not see them again 😭

  • Work
I love CR work! It's still a new field to me and I'm still learning but I am loving it so far, despite getting straight up rejected and the pressures I get to do GOOD. It gave me a lot of insights about various industries, which back then, I tend to not care because why would I? I now know that a lot of companies are reaching out to students that are not from a field they're known for, which is a good thing, and how they are really trying hard to get Malaysian students to come back to Malaysia and work for the country. I'm still bad in networking but that doesn't stop me from wanting to make new connections and know more about companies. I'm now exposed to companies and corporations that I didn't know its existence before. It is a good thing because I have more choices when it comes to getting a job. To be frank, I'm not ready to let go of my position this October. I'm the first ever CR Director and I would like to think that I've done a good job so far. I did start everything from scratch, but with the help of my team. We did not have anyone to refer to so we relied on us. We worked with what we had. It's been a roller-coaster ride, but it's definitely worth it. I'm worried that the next person taking over might not do well. I don't want everything I've done so far to be wasted. There are a plethora of things Queensland can offer, it's just that we don't have the resources yet. We're handing over a lot of new things to the next council, I just don't want them to ruin everything we've built for Queensland's promising future. Just because I'm stepping down, it won't mean me leaving everything entirely. I still have to teach my successor lol. Also, I am currently busy preparing for MASCA Queensland's biggest event, Citra Malaysia 2016 happening on the 10th of September at Queen Street Mall. Alhamdulillah, the corporate relations division is doing extremely well despite a few hiccups. I just hope we can pull of this event with a bang.

  • Travel
...... I've only traveled outside of Queensland less than 10 times lol. One time I went to Sydney (went to Sydney but didn't go to Sydney :< this is for another post) and the others were to Byron Bay and Banora Point. They're located in NSW but just near the border of QLD-NSW. I have seen the beautiful sunflower fields, located around Toowoomba-Nobby-Felton area. They are BEAUTIFUL! I've yet to head to the beaches in Sunshine Coast and in Noosa. I will be heading to Whitsunday Island (YASSSS!) in the end of October. And I might have a road trip (YASSSS!) to Melbourne during Spring Break in September. I'm supposed to travel to Tasmania in November but because my Korean classes starts 2 days after the last day of exam, I had to ditch that plan :(

I guess that's just it? Not much of an update. Plus, idk what to talk about lol. I am so sorry for not constantly updating my blog. I still have not published posts related to my sem breaks here. I'll try and blog more. I'll try :>

Have a nice day