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I was randomly googling up "alyfrhnh" (because why not?) and I found this blog. It's nice to know that your blog motivates someone in a way, especially when they'll be facing a huge exam that's going to shape their future.

Good luck Anis Athirah for your upcoming trials and SPM  Remember, don't repeat the mistake that I did. I'm pretty confident you wouldn't want to feel that broken and I know you're gonna do fine!

Have a nice day


I have this classmate of mine and her name's Annalisa Iryanna, but we call her Lisa.

She's a bit smaller than me but not short. She has skinny legs and has fair skin. She hails all the way from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. I like her accent especially when she talks in English. Ooh yes, I envy that. I envy that a lot. And no, I shall not post a picture of her here without her consent lol.

You see, we had a spontaneous oral communication test today and you've to give a speech about a meaningful object to yourself. Lisa talked about this normal exercise book which, it was lost then found, a teacher wrote a meaningful note for her and that changed who Lisa was in that time. From a timid girl, she no longer became shy. Because of that note, she gained her self-confidence and she is the Lisa that I see today. Her speech was so smooth and in some way, was as if she was story-telling to the whole class, made me feel threatened haha. Yes, I am dead serious.

But then again, I don't have the skills to give a speech especially when it comes to public speaking. My humor is so dry. And the way I deliver a speech is like me debating. That sucks.

These are the reasons why I felt threatened. It was because I felt I was not in anyway, compatible at all nor was I the best competitor for her. I felt that she towers over me in almost every class and that irritates me, really. I don't like being second best.

So, what do I have to do now ?

Looks like I need to make sure that I score as good as her or maybe, higher than her (omg I think it really shows how competitive I am). But hey, it's a healthy competition. We're not fighting or anything (maybe we are in our minds...). I don't see how beneficial it is to me and to Lisa if we were to bring one another down. That's just wrong dude. We should promote a conducive environment for you to study in.

I'm gonna make it happen. 'It' referring to scoring as good as my competition or hopefully, better and in order for me to achieve that is to make sure I study smart and focus to make it happen!

Have a nice day

Update: In Eidulfitri 2014, I found out that Lisa is the daughter of my dad's childhood bestfriend. And her family is very close to my Nanny, my dad's mom. She also went through the things I experienced with regards to being ostracized because of our English. Ahhh the wonders in life.


This is a post dedicated especially to those trying their best to adjust themselves in a new life/situation/environment since most of my friends are.

I know that it maybe quite different or extremely different but you know what, if you want to fit in with the whole new situation you're in, believe in yourself that you can and just be you. You don't have the need to pretend as if you're someone else because that would eat you up later. Also, you should always have faith in yourself in whatever you do or say because that's the first person you have to have faith in; Y O U. If you don't have faith in yourself, that's when you're not going to be yourself and start to lose grip on what you hold.

We all know that for some people, it is quite hard to cope with all these new stuffs but here's one thing? Would you allow yourself to lose the battle and quit? Would you allow yourself to regret after you quit? Be my guest if you want to. But if you were to be you, I bet you wouldn't allow all those to happen, right? That shows how little faith you have in yourself, what more in others.


Don't quit. Believe in yourself. Be you.

Because eventually, you'll get a hold of this new world if you hold on to those three sentences.

Have a nice day


Eminent 0812 very very very much. You guys will always be my second family.