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If you know me, you know how impatient I can be at times. And if you really know me and follow my tweets, you know that I always rant about my kitchen almost everyday. I cannot stand a dirty kitchen.
I am renting an apartment with 4 other girls and the kitchen is the most used common space in the house. You would assume that the kitchen is always neat and tidy since everyone uses it. But it's not. If you want me to get mad in a split-second, you should mess up the kitchen or not wash your dishes or not wiping the counters and stove or sweeping the kitchen floor after using it. It has never fail to piss me off. I cannot stand having a dirty kitchen.
I rarely cook and most of the time, I find myself cleaning the kitchen when I wanted to cook in the first place. I can't stand seeing both of my sinks full with unwashed dishes that are left for 2 days or more. I hate it when people just stack newly washed dishes on dry ones. And I really hate it when they don't arrange the dis…


I know I said I'll never mention about you again on my blog but I believe you deserve an appreciation post and there's no better place to post it than here.


Hi guys,
I just want to share my experience being a part of MASCA Queensland in hopes that it will inspire you to be a part of an incredible community.
Before I was in MASCA, I had no idea how Corporate Relations works. The only thing I know is that they are responsible to get sponsors. I had little to no experience in that field and I never thought I would get the hang of it.
I wanted to be a part of MASCA but I wasn't sure what position should I run for. I remember asking Hairul Hafiezul what position that suits best and straight away he answered, "CR". I wasn't confident with that position so I continued to ask him about the job scope of other positions, and I thought "hmmm maybe I can do Student Empowerment and it looks fun". But Hairul just kept on pushing me for CR.