July 10, 2013


I can still recall how broken I was when it came to my senses that I didn't get straight A's. It took me days, not weeks, to lift up my broken spirit. Ramizah, Alif and Haris tried everything they could to cheer me up again lol. Make it Starbucks, lunch, McD or rock climbing, it failed. And I can say, it took me a looooong time to recover from that one B+. Yes, a long time for just one teensy-weensy grade that failed to list me as those who successfully scored straight A's in SPM. But you know what, I'm grateful for it because some people out there, though they did achieve straight A's but failed to get offers like I did. I managed to get a placing for matriculation in Pahang (rejected it...), a spot to further foundation in IIUM (rejected it too..) and an offer to further my studies in International Relations under the American Degree Foundation Programme.

Not to brag or anything, but I got every single thing that I had asked for and Alhamdulillah, everything's going on well.

I am proud because  during our Eminent's Graduation Day, i'm the only one who scored 8A's but will be flying in two years time. Even most of those who scored straight A's didn't get what they wanted. Thank God I did, Alhamdulillah. Maybe that 8A's marks the end of my playful years as a high school student hehe. Who knows, right ?

But that's not the point of me writing this.

Point is, to those of you out there who are still going to school in those school uniforms, don't make your grades bad like mine. It took me months to get over it. Trust me, it's a feeling/situation you don't wanna be in.  So, study hard and make sure you score because that SPM result is your gateway to a good tertiary education. Life later on takes off from there.

It may sound contradictive since it opposes the idea that 'grades don't shape who you are' but guess what ? It does. Although not huge of an impact, but it does. So, you must always make sure that your curricular is as high as your co-curricular (yes, very very important !) cuz scholars nowadays don't want bookworms. They want a student who's a jack of all trades instead a master of one.

What now ? That is one question you've to figure out yourself, my friend and make sure that answer leads you to success and to a better life.

Have a nice day