May 18, 2015


Hi guys. This is going to be a quite serious topic because I'm going to talk about insecurities, particularly about your body. I've heard stuffs about girls starving themselves or eat a little, teensy-weensy piece of food just to get this ideal body that society deems as perfect.

I have this friend, who is going on this diet because that person thinks that the body that person has is fat—and it is so not! I cannot name what kind of diet it is or else, some people would know who I'm talking about—and that ain't good for me and for that person. We don't mind about if that person wants to go on a diet, but the thing that worries us the most is the "diet". That person, currently, only consumes veggies and fruits. Just fibers. No protein or carbs—even fat to that matter! But here's the thing. After doing extensive research—well not that deep, but just getting to know what the diet and all diets make you eat—I found out that her "diet" is wrong.

Now let's bring us back to the time where we learnt about the Pyramid of Foods. I don't think I should explain to you how it is because it's practically a basic thing that we all must know. Again, MUST know. But for the sake of wanting to make this post look a bit more serious, I'll just share to you the essentials of the pyramid. At the topmost hierarchy would be fats, followed by proteins, carbohydrates and fibers respectively. As you go up the pyramid, you should consume less. Now, coming back to the "diet", can you see where it went wrong?

I know you didn't notice but if you did, claps and pats for you. Yay!

The "diet" is missing out 3/4 of the essential nutrition that the body needs. That person is losing fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which is as important as fiber and minerals. It worries us so bad because we understand that person's need and desire to slim down but the method is definitely wrong. That person attends casual medical checkups and gets advice from doctors but I still find it wrong. I totally get the fact that my friend feels so insecure of the body and weight, but my friend now is losing the roses on them cheeks and is resembling a walking skeleton. I'm very concerned but there's nothing my friends and I can do about it because apparently, the friend stays strong with this stand and her "diet".

But one thing I know that I can do is informing you guys about the right way to slim down or lose weight. Yes, you can go on diets. It is perfectly fine! But it will not be fine if you go overboard with it. There's always a limit to everything—even the free market has its boundaries—so you gotta control it. You have to make sure that the body gets the essential nutrition needed because if you severely lack in either nutrition, you might die. Alright alright, in a less fatal situation, lacking in some of the nutrition can make you prone to various diseases, and that's way worst because you think you're healthy but you're actually not. All diets will need you to take in fats, carbohydrates, protein and fibers but the difference is the amount of each of the nutrition.

I understand that we will at one point feel so insecure about our body, and we tend to do something about it because we want to feel comfortable in our skin. I do it too, except that I can never stick to it because food is just so (inserts wonderful adjectives to describe about food)! But if you want to do it, do it the right way.

I've been in a very dark place before because I wanted my body to be accepted by my peers. I only relied on water, no foods whatsoever. I lost 10kgs in three weeks. It felt good because I lost a lot of weight but then, it felt bad because I was weak, constanly on moodswings and also, I looked ugly. Don't harm yourself and your body because there's no point of wasting such a wonderful, precious life that has so many to offer. Remember, you might not see the aftermath of what you do now, but think about the future if you continue with your bad habit. Would it be worth it?

Have a nice day


  1. this is so important. God bless you for the message Ya :)

  2. Done scrolling down all of your posts. I love your writing. Some of them inspiring me. Keep on blogging sister ❤❤❤❤

    1. Omg thank you so much! Your comment means so much to me. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)


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