April 7, 2016


Whitsunday Island, QLD. Thanks Momentum for hooking me up with gorgeous views like this.

Today, I headed to the city after class with my good friend, Aidiq. On our way back, we stopped by a convenience store so that I can reload my Go Card (Queensland's version of Touch n' Go but can only be used for public transports). We saw a scratchie and written on it was, "if you're lucky, you just might win $1,000,000!". We thought that it'd be pretty sick if we just buy one, and who knows we might just get lucky. But we didn't buy it because 'judi' is haram, my brothers and sisters.

While on or way to the bus stop to head back home, Aidiq asked me what will I do if I received a million dollars. And it had me thinking... this could be a great blog post, just talking about all the things I want to do with the money lol. I know it sounds like a really bad post but I just have to do this since I'm trying my best to blog more now hehe.

"Apa kau nak buat dengan duit tu eh? Kalau convert pun, kau dapat around hmm, MYR3,000,000. Banyak gila kot duit tu."

First thing I would do with the money is to perform the Hajj, and bring my family along with me. The current waiting list is too long, especially when you're using Tabung Haji's services. Even if you have enough money to perform it, you might be flying off to Mecca when you're in your 40-50's. With the money, we can just opt for a private service so that it'll be faster.

Next thing I would use the money for is to travel. I can head to Whitsunday Islands this spring break ad enjoy the stunning view of the Great Barrier Reef (YAYYYY!!). I can even travel around Australia (OMG I can finally head to Broome!) and head to New Zealand. Oh oh, I can even head to Perth for Australs in July and Netherlands for WUDC end of this year. Travelling wouldn't be much of a problem I guess. I wouldn't travel alone since I can't travel light and I have no clue how to arrange such travel plans, so I'll be happy to pay for anyone that wants to join me hehe.

I can use the money to buy my parents a house and allow them to renovate it to their liking. I know my parents love the idea of decorating a house from scratch, although it requires a lot of hardwork and details in it. I would love to be a part of it too simply because decorating a house, or your own personal space allows you to explore your creativity and see how much of a mess you create out of it lol. Painting the walls is so much fun, so is rearranging the furniture to make the space suited for your taste.

I can also use the money to get married hehehehehehehe. I wouldn't want to entirely depend nor have my parents chipping on for the cost of my wedding. I'm not opting for an extravagant, "wedding of the year" kind of wedding. I just want it to be simple. A garden wedding sounds nice, as long as it doesn't rain that is. But my dress has to look perfect because I want to pass it down to my future daughters lol. But even if the wedding is a simple one, the cost is likely to be high because I have such a huge family, and that's excluding my dad's side and my husband's side as well. There's this norm in my culture where everyone in the family MUST be invited to the first wedding of the family. I'm hoping that one of my sisters would get married first so that I don't have to go through the hassle of inviting everyone hehe. But still, I gotta save up money to to make sure everyone is invited and no one gets disheartened.

I would use the money to further pursue my education in Masters, PhD and hopefully, Post Doc. I don't mind where I study but it depends on the circumstances. If I'm married, I would most likely prefer to study in Malaysia but if I'm still single, I would rather study in the US or Australia. But then again, it all depends on other important factors such as family, work and personal obligations and opportunities. But I want to pursue my Masters degree and PhD. I want to keep on learning while I still can and while I still have no demanding work obligations.

I'd love to donate some of the money for charity. There's thing about giving back that makes you feel so happy. You might lose some thing but in a way, it provides you a sense of comfort that you have contributed in making something or someone's life better. My parents have brought us up to not be selfish and try and donate as much as we can. Maybe I can be MASCA Queensland's Platinum Annual Sponsor and provide them a hefty amount of money for them to use throughout their whole term ayy. Giving back to me is a noble action and with huge sums of money, I will definitely use some part of it for charity.

However, as much as I want to all of these, I bet I can use up the money and finish it all by the end of this year hahahahahaha. Everyone knows how bad I am with money. I have weak self control but I'm working on it and I can say that so far,  I'm doing pretty well managing my money. Good job, Alya.

Oh btw, try and install Momentum through Chrome Web Store if you want to see stunning views whenever you open up Chrome. The views are breathtaking and it's really provoking me to save up money to travel.

Have a nice day

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