January 25, 2017


With the Queensland fam at National Aspiration Leadership Summit 2016.

We're so used to hearing that youths' voice can change the future but have we ever used it for a better cause?

It's sad to see a country falling apart economically and politically and it's sad to know that its youth aren't interested to know more about politics and economics. I understand where they're coming from. Things are getting out of hand and they don't know who and where they can put their faith into.

I know that they want to serve their country and make their people proud. I know that they really want to make their home a better place. And I know they're eager to realize a visionary future. A youth is capable of doing so many things beyond their capability. Yeah sure, there are risks involved but with the many resources available, the youth now is ready to take on any challenge they face and make sure they succeed in it.

As a youth myself, I hope that I can contribute something to my country. I hope to change our society's mindset to something more progressive that can assist us in realizing our dreams (and ultimately, Wawasan 2020). I hope there will be more faith tolerance and religious dicsussions. I want our society to be open to learn and understand something new. I hope our youth will use their inquisitive mind and curiosity to question about everything and anything they can. I hope that our youth will read more and sensationalize less about petty things in order to get a better comprehension of important matters.

I want them to know that in today's world, everything is a domino effect and the slightest change can affect us (and sometimes, affect us greatly). Be it change in US foreign policy, or a country deciding to no longer join a regional association like ASEAN. I want them to understand that in today's worl, everything is interconnected, and that includes our youth too.

We have to change our mentality and we have to see the bigger picture. Enough condemning things that are unfamiliar because right now, is the perfect time for us to learn, understand and appreciate. We might not have as much time as we have now when we're older. So consume time wisely and persevere through all the hardships we're currently going through. We will learn and we will be stronger and we deserve a better future; a future shaped by our very own youth. 

Have a nice day

January 8, 2017

2016 RECAP


Hello! I now it's already the 8th of January but I hope it's not too late to reflect on 2016 and highlight its greatest moments and the lessons I've learnt from it.

1. Appreciate the friends you have

This January alone, most of the people I am very close to and confide to the most are leaving me (sobs 😭😭😭). They've graduated last December and now, are ready to move on to a new phase in their lives (leaving me behind, of course). I've done so many things with them in 2016. I've hung out with them, shared things with them, explored new places with them, laughed with them, traveled with them and endured each others' lamest jokes together.

It's not like I'm not going to see them at all after this. I will, I really hope I will but things will be different since we'll have jobs and other obligations. It will not be the same like how it used to be. And that's one fact that I don't like but I have to face it.

I'm going to miss seeing these faces late night at the library and sharing a big halal snackpack together at the pantry. I'll miss the days where we'd talk about the most random things and share personal stuff over coffee (tea for me). These people have always had their faith in me in all the things I've done when I couldn't even believe in myself. They've been there for me during my highs and lows for a whole year, and now I've to go through another year without them.

I've learnt and shared so much from and with them. It's great to have a group of people that share the same views, have the same interest (almost) and am always down to help you when you need it the most. I not only got to know about them, I also got to know myself more because of the things we've done together. They have become my family here and they're definitely my "home away from home".