March 1, 2015


Hi! I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog, but I think I should post something for my friends and juniorsand my sister toowho shall be taking their SPM results tomorrow at their respective schools.

Look, I know that all of you right now are utterly scared and extremely nervous and really anxious for result day—I know, I've been there too. And I know that there a lot of questions running in and out of your head that mostly sound like these:-

"What if I don't get straight A's?"
"What if I don't get straight A+'s?"
"What if I do get straight A's?"
"What if I got more than what I expected?"
"What if my results are so bad, I couldn't get a decent scholarship or a sponsorship at least?"
"What if my parents wouldn't be proud of me because of my results?"
"What if I did really bad during SPM?"
"What if my results were so bad, everyone would be laughing at me?"
"What if I didn't meet the school's expectation?"
 And so on...

Hey, don't worry! The thing that you got to realize is that it's too late for you to change your answers on those papers.It's already printed and all you have to do is to accept it. Yes, it may take a while if you got a result that you didn't want but trust me, just because one door closes right in front of your eyes, it doesn't mean that the other doors are close for you too.

I believe in fate and maybe I was fated to not get straight A's for my SPM. I was completely devastated because my friends, most of them, got straight A's and A+ too. And the fact that I was in the 23 kids that was targeted by the school to get straight A's made things worst. Til this day, I still can't believe how Rianna [name shall not be disclosed] can accept her results and smile at work and at the same time, consoled and cheered me up when her result was way worst than mineshe got a C/C+ for Chemistry.

But hey, even though it didn't go well for me in the beginning, I managed to get a sponsor to pursue my studies overseasAlhamdulillah. And I know people who did bad during SPM but now, they are in the midst of finishing their degree. See? Just because you had a bad start, doesn't mean that you're gonna be in a bad place for the rest of your life. Plan your post-result life properly. If you're not sure about the course you're about to take, go talk to your parents/seniors/teachers/counselors/friends, read 'em up on blogs, take personality tests and ask God. Trust me, the road ahead is much more challenging and you need a lot of resources to tackle it. I don't want to see you sink like Titanic.

You can never know what the future holds for you but remember; if you want a good future, work hard for it. Don't just sit there and do nothing because that will never bring you anywhere.

Have a nice day