October 1, 2013


Lost a friend of mine yesterday. He got involved in an unfortunate accident and was injured seriously. He died on the spot.

I will miss talking to him and curse on guys who made me feel so insecure. I will miss his brutally honest yet funny comments about me. I will miss sharing and exchanging life stories with him. I will miss getting lunch with, especially because he knows just what I want to eat and he'll make sure I will get it. I will miss his jolliness and his positive aura. I will miss those twinkling eyes everytime he is giving an advice. I will miss that cheerful laughter and those stab-in-the-heart sarcasm coming from a tall, lean guy with an almost bulging tummy but still looks cute and attractive with that sweet smile that has never disappeared on his face.

I will miss Ekram Misri as a brother, a friend and a co-worker (I will miss manning the locker station with you, especially). I knew I should've kept your old ID a little bit longer hehe.

I hope you rest in peace and I hope God blesses your soul. You are an angel to everyone, Ekram and you will be dearly missed.

Always cherish the ones you care before you lose them