March 14, 2017


I just received my Sephora order 5 minutes ago and I am soooooooooooo excited hehe. It's partly because it's my first online order from Sephora and also one of the rare times I ever buy anything online (I loathe online shopping because... reasons). And I finally get a chance to own one of the best beauty tools ever in the make-up arena; the original beautyblender. I've been wanting to get a new blending sponge because my Real Techniques' miracle complexion sponge is pretty bad (so rabak already) and it needs to be replaced. And I've been eyeing on the beautyblender sponge for quite some time now and I'm so happy I can finally try and understand the hype behind it.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you would know how frustrated I was when the Beautyblender Pro On The Go set sold out (it was on sale for $30 from a $78!!). Long story short, by the time I filled in my details and clicked 'Pay Now' button, it was sold out (how frustrating). So a lesson I can take from this experience is; just buy, don't think, especially when there's a good deal on Sephora. The set includes 1 original beautyblender (pink), 1 beautyblender pro (black), 1 pro, bloterazzi pro and blendercleanser solid pro. In Sephora Australia, the original beautyblender costs $30. So basically, I'm paying for the same price for a beautyblender, but I get more than just a beautyblender and that's a a great bargain!

So, you wanna know what I bought?

Please ignore my slightly-darker-than-usual hand. I got really tanned during summer hehe.

I bought the Blenders with Benefit Kit. In this kit, it has the original beautyblender (pink), the beautyblender pure (white), a mini Benetint cheek & lip stain and a mini POREfessional face primer. This set was on sale the day after the upsetting incident happened 😢 and it costs me $30! Still a steal hehe. If I were to purchase all these items separately, it'll cost me a whooping $101 and I'm too broke for that #brokestudentproblems My order arrived 4 days after I purchased it, which is pretty fast. I was expecting it to arrive in about 7-10 days after I bought it. In my purchase, I also should received a sample of Arcona's Cranberry Gommage exfoliator, but I got Arcona's Magic White Ice moisturiser instead. I'm pretty sad about it because I really want to try the exfoliator. I hope I get to return this sample and get the sample I wanted if it's possible. But if not, I'll just try this sample 😂

I'm most probably selling the Benetint because I'm not a big fan of it. So anyone who wants it, feel free to hit me up! Also, since this is like my first ever beauty-related post, I feel like I want to post more things like this. So tell me which one do you guys want to read (and see?); skincare routine, makeup routine or the makeup products I have.

Have a nice day

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