November 7, 2016


The purple flowers are called Jacarandas. It's their blooming season currently and you can find an abundance of them on my campus in St Lucia, Brisbane.

Hi guys,

I found these questions on Twitter and I thought to myself, "why not we do it?". At least I have an incentive to write in the next 50 days or so. Or at least... I have something to write if I'm tired of doing my readings. We're having our finals here in UQ and I need some form of escape from doing my readings. At least it'll be a productive escape instead of me scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I can't answer all the questions in one post because I'm pretty sure it'll be long. And I know readers hate extremely long postsI know this because I have to read 25-30 30+ pages academic articles on a weekly basis and because I'm a reader too,

I'll try my best to blog though but I can't promise to post in 50 consecutive days because I'm having my finals right now. So, here's a preview of the questions I'll be answering in the next 50 dayshopefully in exactly 50 days. Enjoy!