August 14, 2013


Selangor MUN 2013 was fun although the ICC decided to dissolve after we completed our first case 😡 That was the most problematic council in this year's SMUN but it's okay because it was the first time ever that the ICC was in any Malaysia's MUN. So, because of its dissolvement, the ICC delegates had to join other councils. I joined SOCHUM and I was, yes, the delegate from the USA. Wooooo go veto! Haha.

SOCHUM was so much fun because;
  1. They had a lot of delegates, unlike ICC, which was supposed to be around 12 but only 5 turned up. 
  2. The delegates were so outspoken and fun and smart.
  3. SOCHUM was less stressful than ICC.
  4. Since I was unfamiliar with how SOCHUM works, the other delegates were so kind enough to help me out especially Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, Iran, Singapore/China, Norway and Russia. Oh, and the delegate from Sweeden/UK is so cute too (I think his name is Joey, so cute I tell you!). I didn't take pictures at all but at least I made a few friends.

I would love to join MUN again since it is sort of aligned with the course I'm majoring in and you know, when you're surrounded by bright, smart-ass people, that's when it drives you to want to be as good as them. I love it.

Have a nice day