March 14, 2017


I just received my Sephora order 5 minutes ago and I am soooooooooooo excited hehe. It's partly because it's my first online order from Sephora and also one of the rare times I ever buy anything online (I loathe online shopping because... reasons). And I finally get a chance to own one of the best beauty tools ever in the make-up arena; the original beautyblender. I've been wanting to get a new blending sponge because my Real Techniques' miracle complexion sponge is pretty bad (so rabak already) and it needs to be replaced. And I've been eyeing on the beautyblender sponge for quite some time now and I'm so happy I can finally try and understand the hype behind it.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you would know how frustrated I was when the Beautyblender Pro On The Go set sold out (it was on sale for $30 from a $78!!). Long story short, by the time I filled in my details and clicked 'Pay Now' button, it was sold out (how frustrating). So a lesson I can take from this experience is; just buy, don't think, especially when there's a good deal on Sephora. The set includes 1 original beautyblender (pink), 1 beautyblender pro (black), 1 pro, bloterazzi pro and blendercleanser solid pro. In Sephora Australia, the original beautyblender costs $30. So basically, I'm paying for the same price for a beautyblender, but I get more than just a beautyblender and that's a a great bargain!

So, you wanna know what I bought?

February 26, 2017


Yes, I'm finally doing this. And yes, I've succeeded in pushing myself to do this.

UQ's famous hallway at Forgan Smith Building.

What's one thing that's happened to you that has made you become a stronger person?

I believe a lot of things have happened to me in 22 years of my life. And all of it has made me become a stronger person. But one thing that has taught me more about myself and made me become a stronger person is my anxiety and my fear to fail.

You see, I'm so used to putting high expectations on myself and I've never struggled much in my studies (other than anything related to Maths, that was a bit challenging but I managed to pull through hehe). To me, everything I do has to reach a certain standard/achieve an expectation I've set so that I'll be happy with it. Anything that doesn't reach the standard or meet the expectation will not be something I'm proud of. Academically, I barely had a rough time. I'm so used to getting things done my way and I'm so used to getting what I want when I put my head and heart in it. But things weren't the same in 2016.

I failed 6 out of the 7 subjects I took. I couldn't finish my assignments because I lost hope in myself. I lost interest to study. The stress and anxiety became a huge issue (and I've never experienced this before). Nothing about academics impresses me anymore. I just couldn't do anything because I know I'm already failing and I didn't see the point of trying. I was ashamed of myself and I constantly blamed myself for everything. I just gave up, while at the same time tearing myself down because I quit, and that's so weak of me. And I was doing the thing I feared most this whole time, I failed. I failed in wanting to do my best. I failed in trying to be positive and enthusiastic. I failed in achieving my expectations. And I failed to want to continue, and decided to just let it all go and give up.