October 22, 2016


Hi guys,

I just want to share my experience being a part of MASCA Queensland in hopes that it will inspire you to be a part of an incredible community.

Before I was in MASCA, I had no idea how Corporate Relations works. The only thing I know is that they are responsible to get sponsors. I had little to no experience in that field and I never thought I would get the hang of it.

I wanted to be a part of MASCA but I wasn't sure what position should I run for. I remember asking Hairul Hafiezul what position that suits best and straight away he answered, "CR". I wasn't confident with that position so I continued to ask him about the job scope of other positions, and I thought "hmmm maybe I can do Student Empowerment and it looks fun". But Hairul just kept on pushing me for CR.

During the AGM, I only prepared my speech for Student Empowerment. When Hairul nominated me for Corporate Relations Director, I just thought "why not just give a go? If I lose, I can still run for Student Empowerment". But I was wrong. I got the position and from there on, starts a whole new journey for me.

In the early stage, I wasn't familiar with writing up formal e-mails and doing proposals and agreements and letters (because I've never done that before). But I had a great team that assisted me throughout the process. We managed to get PwC as our annual sponsor and to me, that is a huge success for MASCA Queensland because we've never had a CR Director before and we've never ventured into this area. We had offers to partner up for events, plus, we gained quite a number of sponsors for Citra Malaysia 2016 (I'm extremely proud of this one).

Through MASCA, I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt about the way I work, the way I manage my priorities, the things that I like and dislike and it has definitely helped me improve my soft skills. I also learnt how the system works and how it is important for everyone to be there for each other, tough times or not. I gained new connections, I gained a lot of insights from corporate companies about their plans in wanting to bring Malaysian students back home. I had the privilege to learn all these amazing things while at the same time work with incredible people.

(Yes, my eyes are getting teary)

All I wanted to say is that, if Hairul didn't believe in me, I wouldn't be where I am today. I would still be in my comfort zone and not work outside of it. The council members of MASCA Queensland went through so much this year but we braved through it and I'm proud to say that this is the best team I've worked with. Without MASCA Queensland, I would not get to know a lot of people in Queensland even.  If I could, I still would want to continue with MASCA Queensland but I can't because studies trump everything, and it's fine time that I start focusing on myself.

I know the AGM starts in 3 hours 30  minutes, but you still can attend and get somebody to nominate you for the position you want. You might not have experience in it, but don't let that be as a disadvantage. Show how much you're eager to learn and contribute back to the society.

To the new council members, do know that we have laid out a foundation for you to follow (agreements, proposals, claim form, etc.). You have a guideline, so you don't need to start anything from scratch. Know that we'll always be here for you if you need us and that we hope you can continue leading MASCA Queesland to greater heights.

(Wait, let me get a tissue and wipe the little tears away)

Just looking at the pictures below show much we've grown as an individual and as a team. I'm so sad that I have to stepped down but I'll always be here for the new council if they need me :')

Have a nice day and realize the things you have before it all ends


  1. There's something reading about people's experience of which she/he really appreciates of. Just like this! Keep on doing what you're doing ;)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I still get emotional reading this post though :')


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