October 24, 2016


I know I said I'll never mention about you again on my blog but I believe you deserve an appreciation post and there's no better place to post it than here.
In this past year, I have grown to love you and learn more about you, and I love every single detail of you. It's amazing how I can get butterflies just watching you drive the car while I sit at the passenger seat just looking at you. Whenever we go out with our friends, I'll always steal a few seconds just to look at you and remind myself how grateful I am to have you.

I love how you can already predict my jokes and the things I'm about to say. I love our morning rides in the car, just the two of us singing to the songs from your iPod. I always anticipate your morning and night wishes. I like that I can mimic the way you talk and the way you express your emotions. I like that people say we look good together. I like you.

(Oh shit, my eyes are starting to tear up and I just started)

I am so used to having you around, the thought of having to be apart for 6000km+ breaks me. Although we have texts and calls and technology, it wouldn't be the same without you here physically. I can no longer smell the scent of your perfumes and have you walk me home. I can't tell you how cute you look today and see you giving me the side-eye. I can no longer accompany you to send people to the airport and have our fun drives. I can no longer hear your laughs and see you smile, two things that have never failed to make me have a tingling feeling inside. Pool time wouldn't be the same without you with your strong hits. Coffee dates, Boost Juice dates, movie dates and everything else I always do with you will no longer be the same.

I truly believe that working together in MASCA Queensland has greatly strengthen our relationship. We've learnt more about ourselves and tolerated our differences. You've always been there to help me rationalize my impulsive decisions and make me see the better side of things. You've been so patient with me about everything eventhough it does drive you crazy at times. You've never gotten tired of my lame-ass jokes and my love for cats, and I hope you will never be. You've always been so supportive and understanding and you've never stopped me from going for the things that I like. You are the yin to my yang, the water to my fire. You have complemented me in so many aspects, you make me feel complete. To me, you're so perfect and you're someone I don't want to lose. Thank you so much for letting me be by your side and for giving me great memories to remember.

(Too much emotions, I can't)

I know you're stressed out with your thesis and all. I understand it's your final semester and we both know that we really want you to graduate on time. I just want you to know that you have been and still are an amazing person that I look up to. I'll always be here if you need me and will always support you.


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